Visitor Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What kind of church is First Baptist Church?

A. We are a family-oriented, Bible believing church. We value relationships: with the Lord Jesus Christ, with one another and with you. We are enthusiastic about learning, applying and sharing God’s Word with you and the world around us.

Q. What do you believe?

A. We believe that all have sinned and need a Savior, that Jesus Christ is that Savior, that God has “set eternity” in people’s hearts, that people are seeking God and that the Bible has all the answers. Please click on “Doctrinal Statement” at the top of our Home Page for more.

Q. What does a typical Sunday morning look like?

A. Enthusiasm for Jesus Christ, one another and our visitors. We offer a free breakfast starting at 9 AM where we can sit and visit with each other and with you. At 10 am, Sunday school classes begin.  At 11 AM, youth and adults meet in the sanctuary, while the children participate in worship in children’s church.  Worship service usually concludes after Noon.  

Q. What does the Sunday Worship Service look like?

A. We enjoy singing a blended service of hymns and worship songs on piano, organ and 12-string guitar–sometimes even harmonica or Djembe.  Pastor Marc always gives us a good message from the Word of God featuring verse-by-verse exposition of Scripture and a challenge to obey what we have learned while sharing Jesus Christ with people outside the church. Casual to business-casual dress; come as you are!  

Q. Who goes to FBC?

A. People like you!  Some are Christians who are members. Some are Christians looking for a church home in which to serve. Some are seekers looking for “something” that is missing from their lives; they find out that that “Something” is the Lord Jesus Christ!  But even more important than the kind of people who attend here is the kind of people who are welcome here—everyone–you!

Q. What is available for infants and toddlers?

A. We take Jesus seriously when He says “permit the children to come to Me.” Our nursery staff has a passion for working with babies and toddlers on Sunday mornings and Wednesday nights.  They meet on the far west side of the educational building.  There are lots of activities where children will learn about Jesus, plenty of clean toys to play with and a large, safe playground.

Q. What is available for children?

A. Really good options:

Sunday school: Gospel Project curriculum, 1st through 6th Nursery available.

Children’s Church: Themed curriculum with Bible, singing, review games—all things that keep children engaged with the biblical themes.

Wednesday Evening Pioneer Club: Nursery through 6th

Click on “Children’s Ministry” under the “Ministries” tab at the top of our Home page.  They meet in the education building.

Q. What is available for Youth?

A. We offer challenging Bible studies and great peer/leader interaction in a small group setting. FBC Youth is here for all Junior High and High School students.  They participate in city-wide fellowship events with other church groups.  Every winter, they enjoy going to Camp Sugar Pine for a weekend of fun and they do likewise on their summer camping trip. At each, they participate in Bible application and friendship in a Christian-friendly environment!   They meet in the educational building.  Go to the “Ministries” tab at the top of our Home Page and click on “Youth Ministry” for more information.

Q. What is available for adults?

A. We have a lot to choose from:

Sunday School: Bible study in the choir room next to the sanctuary.

Sunday School: Pastor teaches a class at 9:55 in Classroom #2.  Currently, he is teaching “Welcome to the Family,” an overview of what God says the church is to be and what our church believes.  

Wednesday Evening Prayer: Adults meet in the Choir room for prayer for the church and for the needs of others.

Pastor’s Wednesday Evening Bible Study will be starting soon in classroom #2. Stay tuned!

Women’s Bible Study: 2nd and 4th Thursday evenings 6:30 to 8 PM in classroom #2.

Men’s Fellowship Bible Study on Saturday mornings with Pastor. Start date and time to be announced soon.  Stay tuned!

Q. Who can I get in touch with for more information?

A. You can call the church at (559) 673-0908, or email us at or Pastor Marc Unger at